About The Academy

Adventure Academy is a unique Adventure Learning and Development Organization with a strong belief that “Adventure can play a positive role in changing the attitude of the youth and can be used as tool for character-building”. The team of facilitators believes that wilderness and adventure united together are the best and the most effective classroom delivering unparalleled lessons to develop human beings in wonderful team members, leaders, and individuals.
Adventure Academy intends to promote adventure as a tool for character-building, to use wilderness as the ultimate classroom where maximum level of focus and attention is obtained. Adventure Academy’s mission is to develop Mental and physical human potential by giving the taste of adventure to every young human being.


Saad Tariq Siddiqui

With a versatile 50 years of experience in Adventure Activities in Pakistan including several international mountaineering expeditions, Mr. Siddiqui is the soul and heart of Adventure Academy. He is well known for his expertise and skills in the world of adventure in Pakistan and abroad. He is the most senior mountaineer who stood on the top of Passu Peak 24,000 feet high in snow caped north of Pakistan. He is the grand master of the majority of adventurers in Pakistan as he had been one of the most senior Mountaineering Instructor at Alpine Club of Pakistan – the only body regulating International and National Professional Mountaineering Activities in Pakistan.

Director Training

Sohail Khan

He is the man behind many initiatives; founder of few of them, a passionate learner, a dedicated team member, he loves to bring new ideas into action. A passionate rock climbing instructor with 7 years of experience and one of the best risk managers of wilderness. He believes wilderness to be his classroom and enjoy being a student of nature while constantly learning from the silent voices of the jungle. Being an active member of Pakistan Scout Association, provides him a chance to share his passion with 0.5 million members of association globally. Not only this, he participated in several expeditions as well as managed several outdoor expeditions and training sessions for passionate learners like him.

Team behind Success

The team of organizers is headed by the most experienced and passionate team of adventurers and instructors in Pakistan including Mr. Saad Tariq Siddiqui – the most senior mountaineering instructor in Pakistan. He has coached most of the well-known Pakistani Adventurers directly or indirectly. Mr. Siddiqui has witnessed the independence movement of Pakistan and he remembers it as yesterday, as he was born in 1940.
The team comprises of academic staff who are best teachers of the adventure theory and its implication on personal lives, and instructors of different adventure sports who are considered the best in the country.
Atif Mukhtar

An adventure loving soul, Love to travel around the world, Have experience of technical Climbing and Mountaineering in Pakistan and other countries of the world.

Mushahid Shah

2 Gold & 2 Silver Medals in Climbing, Professional trainer of some adventurous sports and represented HEC in National Climbing Championship.

Sajid Aslam

4 times Gold Medal in National Snow Hike & 3 times Silver Medal in National Rock Climbing. Gold Medalist & Best player of HEC, Best IIUI athlete for 2 years.

Fahad Hamdani

Joined Academy one year back, Crazy for adventure related activities, 2 Gold and 1 Silver Medal in All Pakistan Universities Rock Climbing Competition 2014-15.

Sana Zahid

National Basketball player, IIUI Graduated, Skiing position holder, Passionate Climber, Rock Climbing Champion for 2 years, 2nd best female climber of Pakistan.

Madiha Laraib

IIUI Graduated, Always ready of adventure, Love Nature, Adventure makes me recapture the thrill of living, Explored many peaks under the umbrella of Academy.

Abdul Aleem Khan

Silver Medalist in Rock Climbing, Have over 8 years experience in technical Climbing, Mountaineering, Hiking and many other adventure activities.

Ch Majid Sharif

Leads Peace expedition to Nanga Parbat BaseCamp just after Attack in mid 2013, and winter survival expeditions to Miranjani, Mukshpuri & Makra peaks.

Taimoor Iqbal

1 Gold & 1 Silver Medal in Rock Climbing, Eco friendly, Nature lover, Experienced in Rock Climbing, Hiking, Repelling and other adventurous sports.

Dr. Irmaghana

Explored Nanga Parbat BaseCamp, Deosai Plans, Mukshpuri & Miranjani peaks, Sadpara, Ansu lake, Rama, Upper & Lower kachura lakes and many other lakes.

Azqa Sajjad

Always passionate for adventures, She makes sure that nature is not disturbed while visiting these places, One of the leading member of Academy.

Rabia Maqbool

Lecturer by Profession, Adventurous by Soul. Explored Nanga Parbat BaseCamp, enjoyed Paragliding, Hiking, Climbing and many other adventurous sports.

Zaheer Ahmad

2 times Gold Medalist in National Rock Climbing Championship, 1 Gold & 2 Silver Medal in HEC Rock Climbing also best Climber of the year declared by HEC.

Junaid Asghar

Have experience to lead different events of Paragliding, Jet Ski, Swimming, Archery, Cliff Jumping and many more adventurous activities.

Adnan Hussain

2 Gold & a Silver Medal in all Pakistan universities Rock Climbing Championship 2015 & Best Climber of the year declared by HEC in same Competition.

Dr. Sabahat

Dentist by profession, Adventurous by nature, Love Hiking and Rock Climbing, Explored Mukshpuri & Miranjani peaks under supervision of Academy.

Ammarah Hammad

Always crazy for adventures, Love to explore new heights by finding fun in Rock Climbing & Hiking. Since 2013 actively participated in many events.

Sadia Maqbool

Iqra University Graduated, Adventure lover free soul, Love to take challenges, Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat BaseCamp was one of my best expedition with Academy.

Participants Feedback

At the end of every expedition we ask our participants for their feedback.
We find this an important step to improve the experience for others. Certainly we’ve learnt a lot from our participants.
I went to Fairy Meadows and Nanga Parbat base camp with the Adventure Academy in mid 2013. Throughout the whole trip, what I experienced was that Adventure Academy is not a tour company but an institute that focus on adventure based learning at a break-even cost. I had fun and a bit of adventure. What makes it more interesting is that the team of the academy includes experts as well as fun loving individuals who share the same passion for adventure. I’d love to take as many trips with them as possible. " Danial Shah, Photojournalist.
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